The speed of news!

Is it just me, or does the speed of news seem to increase every day?

By the “speed of news”, I mean the speed in which outlets have stories available to the public. Let’s take a look back at the olden times, shall we? Newspapers. I know those may seem ancient, but believe it or not, they once ruled the news and journalism world. Papers would be updated one time a day (except for those that offered morning, afternoon, and night editions.) In any case, the speed in which the paper could be composed, printed, and delivered was the speed that the news traveled.

Flash forward to 2011. Big things have happened. The internet was developed. So was facebook. It seems as if news can fly around the world faster than any plane can. For example, look at the death of Elizabeth Taylor. This great and much-respected icon in American society passed away yesterday, leaving many shocked.  What shocked me more than anything was the way in which I found out. Someone on Facebook had put their status as RIP Liz Taylor. I was intrigued and then proceeded to quickly search the online news outlets. to my surprise, I saw that stories were popping up that were as recent as five minutes ago. Within the hour, talk show and news programs picked up on the story and suddenly news of her unfortunate death was dominating the news scene, including social media.

This speed shows how the process of communication has shortened over time, and I am excited to see the next ways journalists distribute their stories and words to the public.


One thought on “The speed of news!

  1. Delphine May 19, 2011 / 11:44 AM

    Oh ! how I love to read you !
    I’ll keep on checking and feel like I am un petit peu avec toi 🙂

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